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 Lascaux Tile understands that tile beauty and installations can last for centuries. So you can rely on us to assist you for optimization of your unique tile projects. After finding out more about your needs, we can design a field tile, border or custom panel or draw from historical styles... We can advise for best coloration and layouts. We can provide a wide variety of tile material to make your  special projects more desirable.  Our tiles are meant for areas where you want to create permanence, beauty and vibrancy.  The tiles are suitable for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Fountains, low and some high traffic residential floors, Spas and Swimming pool tiles and restaurants. Frost Resistant tile may be an option where freeze/thaw cycles occur. We are happy to assist our clients for choice, design and color for your homes, commercial projects and always timeless projects.  There are many beautiful tile patterns, surface appearance, shapes and color combination choices. 




Designers and Architects, (and homeowners) may submit ideas,  artwork,  colors, wallpaper and photographs.  We will review your ideas and discuss all the best options for your project.  The skilled  and experienced craftsmen and women we are honored and humbled to be in association with- have amazing  skills.  The talent  to re-create and hand paint per your choices for motif, color and overall aesthetic will please.  The studios use a variety of applications - traditional majolica glazing, fresco style, crackle,  airbrush or dry line depending on the effect you want to achieve. Sample production tiles are usually submitted prior to production so that any modifications can be made.


Reproduction of antique tile for age and historical qualities  is also available. Production Time can vary anywhere from 2 weeks to 16 Weeks for normal and special projects. 

We look forward to hearing about your project, large or small. We can send samples for any review.


In Los Angeles, Calif. USA: